Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sony NEX-5N new standard Adobe color profile

I've updated the NEX-5N Adobe color profiles pack with a new standard profile build from a real color checker shot:

Sony NEX-5N

I haven't seen to many differences from the previous profile build from the NEX-5 one, maybe because the color engines of the two cameras are very similar.


Bede McCarthy said...

Hey there - thanks so much for creating these profiles. Do you think it is best to use this latest 5N profile for the NEX-7? Or is there a possibility you will create a specific NEX-7 'standard' profile in future? Thanks again!

Maurizio said...

I'm sorry for the late answer, anyway the NEX-7 sensor is quite differente from the NEX-5N one, so I think the best solution will be to create a specific profile. I like the NEX-7 and there is a possibility I change my 5N for it, I only fear to loose something on high iso pictures and videos.

dquangt said...

Well this profile also work with LR 4?

Crix said...

Thanks Maruizio,
somehow I had missed this post though I periodically checked your blog.

Crix said...

BTW, maybe I can help you too :-)
If you need lens profiles for many legacy Canon FD lenses or the SEL50F18, check my blog:

All done with the 5N.
Best regards!

dynacam said...

Can the NEX 5N profile be used for the NEX 6, as it uses the same sensor