Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sunset on the dunes

Sony A900 - Zeiss 24-70/2.8 - 24mm - f/11- 1/5s - ISO 200
Vivid color profile


Green Monkey Adventures said...

Very nice

Danielle and Bernie said...

Hello Maurizio,
Thank you for all your work. I just wish I could use it. I have been using a NEX-7 now for almost a year, and find that Lightroom 3 profiles do mot produce the quality that Sony IDC displays. Unfortunately IDC lacks the versatility that Lightroom posesses. Hence my excitement when I thought that with your presets, I could have both. I have been trying now for two days to upload your presets into Lightroom 3. I use Windows 7/64bit OS. The file I upload and unzip is called Sony NEX-7, and contain a set of presets ending with: *.dcp. They will not upload, as LR expects them to be of the type *.irtemplate. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you very much,
Bernard D'Lima

Maurizio said...

Dear Bernard,

first of all you must enable "show hidden files" on Windows 7 file explorer settings, then you must save a "Sony NEX-7" folder, containing all the dcp files, under the folder:


If you have problem finding the proper folder, try to search (F3) for *.dcp files on your system disk.

zakaria kamal said...

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