Saturday, August 17, 2013

Recover real sensor image size

Working with DNGs in Lightroom gives you the ability to install an useful plugin to recover real image size as captured by the camera sensor.
When you have a good image with some cropped pixels on one edge, you could probably recover them with this plugin:
DNG Recover Edges

The plugin will work with any camera, for example:

The RX100 recovers 248.832 pixels, from 5472x3648 to 5504x3672 pixels.
The A900 recovers 226.304 pixels,  from 6048x4032 to 6080x4048 pixels.
The A99 recovers 272.768 pixels,  from 6000x4000 to 6032x4024 pixels.
The A6000 recovers 385.536 pixels, from 6000x4000 to 6048x4032 pixels
The A7M3 recovers 385.536 pixels, from 6000x4000 to 6048x4032 pixels


SGS said...

Hi Maurizio,

Thank you very much for everything you've done to make the Sony/Minolta world come alive in Lightroom. Can I ask whether the recover real sensor image size works for the a99 as well?

Thanks in advance for clarifying.


Maurizio said...

The recovery works for the A99, but, like on other cameras, you've to convert the arw to dng, before apply the plugin.

The image size will be increased from 6000x4000 to 6032x4024.

zakaria kamal said...

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